Here are some of the questions we get asked. Most of these are in many of the inquiries we get so we've decided to be proactive and offer answers even before we talk!

What types of videos do you specialize in?

We specialize in producing branded videos for business marketing and corporate communications including commercials, explainers, testimonials, event coverage, tutorials, thought leadership interviews and more.

What is the process for developing a video project with you?

Our process covers consultation, pre-production planning, filming, post-production editing, delivery, and promotion. We collaborate closely with clients from start to finish to ensure videos achieve strategic goals.

How long does it take to complete a typical video project?

Our production timeline is generally 4-6 weeks from pre-production planning through filming, editing, and delivery. More complex projects may take 6-8 weeks. We'll provide a detailed schedule for each custom project.

Do you handle scripting, voiceovers, editing, and animation in-house?

Yes, our end-to-end services include writing optimized scripts, directing professional voiceovers, handling all editing internally, and providing 2D/3D animation and motion graphics. This streamlined process delivers high-quality results.

What are the costs involved with professional video production?

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Do you offer any DIY video creation options?

Not at the moment.

How can video content be repurposed for different formats and platforms?

We strategize repurposing opportunities upfront. This can include recutting videos for different lengths, reformatting for vertical/square formats, converting footage into animated clips, adapting for various social platforms, and more.

How can my company measure the ROI of video marketing?

We help establish KPIs to track performance across metrics like views, completion rates, conversions, lead generation, search visibility, social engagement, and more through platform analytics.

We also have a great blog post talking about ROI of videos.

How can video production fit into our budget?

We work with almost any budget level but start at $4,500 - we'll recommend solutions optimized for cost-efficiency like creative editing, visuals over new footage, concise runtimes, and repurposed assets. Priority is maximizing ROI.

What creative rights do we retain for the videos you produce?

You own all creative rights to your branded video content. We will obtain talent releases as needed. You have 100% reuse flexibility for the footage, script, graphics etc.

Can we provide our company brand guidelines to maintain consistency?

We'll ensure all branding like logos, fonts, color palettes, messaging, and imagery aligns seamlessly with your brand guidelines and style guide. Maintaining brand consistency is key.

How can video amplify our thought leadership and industry expertise?

Thought leadership videos like conference talks, expert interviews, trends analysis, and panel discussions shared through owned channels and social media greatly heighten the perception of your leadership status.

What best practices do you recommend for promoting video content?

We advise distributing natively on owned channels, seeding to employees/advocates, leveraging paid ads, repurposing for email nurtures, optimizing for search, and amplifying through strategic partnerships.

What technical specifications should we consider for filming video?

Key factors are resolution, frame rate, aspect ratio, audio quality, lighting, and compression. Our team handles all technical details but we're happy to explain our recommendations.