Commercial Video Pricing.

Several factors can influence video production costs. The type, length, and location of the video, as well as professional editing, are some of the key factors that contribute to the final price.


Here Is A Breakdown

Our videos start at only $4,500 but can go as high as $100,000.
However, most of our cinematic commercial video productions range from $8,000-$20,000.
VAM - Commercial Video Production Costs
Type of Video

The type of video you want to produce can influence the price, as it affects some factors such as length and location. A larger production with more people may require more hands, rentals, etc. To decide what kind of video to produce, consider your business goals.

Location & Length

The length of the video can impact the cost, with longer videos costing more. However, what is being filmed and the location also matters. Filming in multiple settings can make the production more complex and expensive.

The Editing

Many overlook the additional details that go into creating a professional video, like editing, voice narration, and licensing music. Regardless of the video type, expect to pay for these added editing features. Keep in mind that these can transform an inexpensive video into a more costly but well-regarded marketing campaign. Quality is crucial for engaging audiences and increasing click-through rates. Editing fees will vary based on the video type.

Ready To Be The Next Case Study?

Investing in a high-quality corporate video will showcase your company's unique story, differentiate you from the competition, and engage your target audience. This leads to increased brand awareness and customer trust. Which ultimately drives business growth.

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